You can now deactivate Locations without deleting them

Waitwhile lets you create as many Locations as you'd like in your account. Each location has it's own unique waitlist and booking appointments calendar - and can be customized separately from your other locations.

As of today, you can now Deactivate any location you no longer need. This is great when you have locations you no longer use, but prefer to not remove altogether. For example, you might want use the location again in the future or keep its historical customer data and analytics (which is purged when the location is deleted).

To deactivate a location, go to your Dashboard and click the drop-down next to the location and select "Deactivate". Any deactivated location is moved to the bottom and can no longer be selected by any of user on your account.

Here's some other things that happen when a location is deactivated:

  • Guests can no longer sign up to its waitlist or make a booking on it
  • Location will no longer be included in your billing plan
  • Users on your account can no longer view the location or change settings for it, until it's been re-activated again

You can re-activate a deactivated location anytime from your Dashboard by clicking the dropdown next to it and selecting "Activate":

We hope this feature helps you keep your account tidy and allow you to keep locations you're not currently using, but may want to use again in the future!


PS. We also you let deactivate/activate your Resources and Services!