Google Tag Manager is now supported in Waitwhile

Google Tag Manager makes it easy to manage all your website and marketing tags without editing code - for free.

You can now add your own Google Tag Manager container on your Waitwhile customer-facing pages. This will allow you to better understand how your customers interact with your waitlist and bookings - plus, track your marketing campaigns.

Just go to the Integration Settings page and click "Set up" for Google Tag Manager to get started. 

Happy tracking!

Inviting users between locations is now easier

If you have multiple locations in Waitwhile, it's now easier to share access for your team.

If you're inviting a user to a location and if that user's email already exists in your account, it will instantly grant this person access to the new location. Previously, this would have displayed an error message.

--> Invite a user under the User Settings page

Better printer support in Waitwhile

Many have asked us to add better support for printers in Waitwhile. Up until now, the print layout was often unreliable and not very useful.

This has now been fixed and you can dust off your old printer again!

For example, if you'd like to print a list of your upcoming bookings for the day or week, just switch to "List view" in the booking calendar and tap "Print". Voila - you'll now get a pretty list of all the bookings with names, dates and information.

You can also try printing your Customers list or the Analytics graphs to include in your next slideshow.

Color your Services

It's now easier than ever to pick a color for your services. We support 20 built in colors and you can also set your own color code.

Your service colors will now show up wherever your services are displayed!

Resources can now be "snoozed"

Whether you're using Waitwhile Resources for your staff members, counters, tables, rooms or other equipment, it's a really powerful way to manage who serves your waiting customers.

For your wait time to be accurate and your customers to know who is working that day, it's important that you manage your resources' availability.

We've now made this easier by letting you mark a resource as away for a specified duration with our new Resource "snooze" feature.

Previously, when a resource was set as "away" it would remain unavailable indefinitely until it was set as available again.

With this new update, you can now set how long a resource will be away and after the time elapses it's automatically made available again. This is great if they plan to go on a quick lunch break or the table will be occupied for a known time and you don't want to forget making the resource available again.

You can access this new feature under the Resources page or under Resources Settings.

If you're logged in as a resource, you can also access it from your avatar dropdown menu in the bottom left corner.

Happy snoozing!

New Waitwhile integrations with Zoom, Salesforce, Calendar and more

Waitwhile is better together with the other tools your business uses. It’s easier than ever to connect Waitwhile to thousands of apps and services through our Zapier connector.

Here are some things you can now do:

→ Create Zoom meetings for new Waitwhile bookings. Try it

→ Create Salesforce leads from new Waitwhile registrations. Try it

→ Print waitlist confirmations in Google Cloud Print for new Waitwhile guests. Try it

→ Sync Waitwhile bookings to your Google Calendar. Try it

Waitwhile is now a Progressive Web App

Waitwhile has been upgraded into a Progressive Web App (PWA) which makes it run much more like a native app on Android and iOS. 

When you open Waitwhile on your phone, you will now be prompted to Add Waitwhile to Home Screen. This will install Waitwhile as a native-like application in your app drawer for easy access, full-screen mode and better performance.

Support for Single Sign-on (SAML 2.0)

We've added support for the #1 requested Enterprise feature - Single Sign-on.

Once enabled, you can login to Waitwhile using your official company authentication method.

Supported SSO services include Microsoft Azure, Microsoft ActiveDirectory, Google, Facebook, Okta and many others.

→ Reach out to us on if you’d like to enroll to SSO/SAML 20

Text to Join a Waitlist šŸ’¬

Now your guests can simply text “JOIN” to join your waitlist. You can set it to immediately add them to the waitlist (with only their phone number) or prompt them to sign up online where you can capture more information about them.

 Your guests will love the simplicity of this!

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