Include future dates when exporting customer data πŸ—“

Support your business forecasts and planning with forward-looking customer data from your Waitwhile account.

When exporting customer data you can now select a date range that includes future dates. This means that you'll be able to export data about upcoming bookings for each customer.  

Access the data export settings under Customers.

Exporting customer data is available on the Business or Enterprise plan. If you'd like to export your customer data (and get many other benefits) you can find out more and upgrade here.

->Try exporting customer data now

Track staff performance with User Reports πŸ“Š

With this new User Analytics report you’ll be able to see how your team members are performing in Waitwhile, to make the most out of your team. Schedule your top performers at the busiest times or support those that have room for improvement.

You'll find the report under Analytics, it looks like this: 

To get the most out of your user reports make sure you invite your team members to join the account so you can add them as users. 

Check out the new User Analytics report

Never miss a beat with User Notifications πŸ””

Getting Waitwhile notifications is a great way to stay on-top of changes and updates in your waitlist and appointments. You’ll get a text, email or web push notification each time a customer signs up, cancels or has arrived.

  • Email and Web notifications are now available on the Free and Starter Plan! 🎉
  • SMS notifications are available on the Business and Enterprise Plans.

Under Notification Settings you can choose which updates trigger a notification and how you would like to be notified!

Turn on notifications under Notification Settings

Resend Invites to your Team Members βœ‰οΈ

If you've invited your team members to your Waitwhile account and want to remind them to accept, you can now easily send them another invite email to nudge them!

Under the User Settings page there is now a big "Resend invite" button to your invited team members. If you click the drop-down you can also manually copy the invite link and share it yourself - or revoke the invite if you no longer want this user to join.

Check out the new Invite features under User Settings

Streamline registration by auto-filling customer info⚑

Your public Waitwhile links now support pre-filling information for your customers when they register, using URL query parameters. You can pre-fill name, email, services, resources and a lot more.

The link that you provide to your guests (to join a waitlist or make a booking) can have a variety of different query parameters added to it in order to pre-fill certain customer information, and now you can use this same method to further streamline the signup process by pre-selecting services! 

A great example of this feature in action is adding links for specific services on your website, instead of having your guests select those during the actual signup process.

By adding one or more service IDs as a query parameter to your Waitlist signup or Booking URLs, it will automatically pre-select those services and skip the Service selection page in the sign-up flow. 

➡ Read more about how to configure query parameters for pre-selecting services

Advanced Next in Line Alert πŸ’―

Precise automation of your alerts with the Next in Line Alert! 

The Next in Line Alert is sent instantly to a new guest if their original position is below or equal to the set trigger position. This will eliminate the confirmation alert so that you can give your customers specific instructions in order to be served. 

To configure this handy feature go to Settings > Alerts > Next in Line > check the box to send alert to customers that join before trigger position. 

This alert will cut down on the need to manually alert customers. Your busy staff will thank you!  ✅

Fine tune all of your alerts in Alert Settings 

Auto Remove Settings for Bookings πŸ™Œ

Manage your bookings by automatically removing appointments from your calendar with Auto Remove for Bookings. 

You now have the ability to remove your bookings within a set time frame and set the status to cancelled, completed, or no-showed. 

You can set these parameters in Settings > Bookings > Advanced > Auto Remove. 

This feature will help keep track of your customer visit status and analytics as well. 

Head over to Bookings Settings to give Auto Remove a try! 

New and Improved Customer Status Page βŒ›

Your customers can view and manage their spot in line in just one click! 

The Customer Status Page is the personalized link that customers receive in their confirmation message when added to your waitlist. 

Give your customers a super smooth wait experience with our latest redesign. When your guests join your waitlist or schedule a booking they’ll get a link to this page where they can:

  • Let you know if they have arrived or are running late
  • See the full waitlist to see who is ahead of them in the line
  • Share the visit details with the rest of their party
  • Get directions to your business

Don't forget the QR code that was added recently to help your staff quickly serve your customers. 

  Customize the Customer Status Page in the Localization Settings.

New Enhanced Flexible Calendar πŸ“†

We have launched our enhanced, flexible booking calendar to improve your booking experience! Let's explore the benefits! 

Customize the booking calendar to suit your business needs.

Get started by heading over to Settings > Bookings > Calendar Display and toggle on the Enhanced Calendar. 

Features include:

  • View service, resource, and remaining spots on the actual booking
  • Customize by resource or service color
  • Blocked time slots are easily viewed with a light blue background
  • Canceled bookings are marked with a strikethrough 

  • New view for overlapping bookings. Simply hover over the overlapping booking to bring to the forefront. 

  • Bookings are more powerful and flexible 


You would like a 45 minute time slot to start on the hour every hour. This can be configured by setting up your min/max booking times then setting up your booking hours in the business info settings. 

There are so many possibilities with our new Enhanced Calendar. Please feel free to let our Support Team know of any questions that you may have. 

--> Give it a go in Calendar Display Settings

New Validation Feature for Customer Info Fields 🏁

Have more control over your customer info with the validation feature. Validation is used to control what a customer can enter into a data field. 

By entering a 'regular expression' value here you can restrict what people are allowed to enter. For example, you can restrict the input for {{name}} to max 4 characters. 

We do know that these type of validations can be a bit difficult so we have added a guide for you. Simply click the "?" next to validation. 

Feel free to reach out to our Live Chat Support for help as well. 😀 

--> Take a look on the Customer Info Page

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