You can now deactivate Locations without deleting them

Waitwhile lets you create as many Locations as you'd like in your account. Each location has it's own unique waitlist and booking appointments calendar - and can be customized separately from your other locations.

As of today, you can now Deactivate any location you no longer need. This is great when you have locations you no longer use, but prefer to not remove altogether. For example, you might want use the location again in the future or keep its historical customer data and analytics (which is purged when the location is deleted).

To deactivate a location, go to your Dashboard and click the drop-down next to the location and select "Deactivate". Any deactivated location is moved to the bottom and can no longer be selected by any of user on your account.

Here's some other things that happen when a location is deactivated:

  • Guests can no longer sign up to its waitlist or make a booking on it
  • Location will no longer be included in your billing plan
  • Users on your account can no longer view the location or change settings for it, until it's been re-activated again

You can re-activate a deactivated location anytime from your Dashboard by clicking the dropdown next to it and selecting "Activate":

We hope this feature helps you keep your account tidy and allow you to keep locations you're not currently using, but may want to use again in the future!


PS. We also you let deactivate/activate your Resources and Services!

Settings now show if Service/Resource support only Waitlist or Bookings

Services and Resources are really powerful features of Waitwhile to manage your customer flow.

For each service and resource that you've added, you can control if it should be available for your Waitlist, Bookings or both. We now label this clearly under the Service Settings and Resource Settings pages if a service/resource is set to "Bookings only" or "Waitlist only":

This makes it easier to get an overview without having to click in on each service or resource!

Improvements to the Public Pages

This week, we've made some much requested improvements to the Public Waitlist and Public Waitlist Check-in pages.

1. Public Waitlist can now show more guest information

You can now choose to show the assigned Services and Resources for each guest on your Public Waitlist. Plus, the estimated wait time for each guest in the line.

Here's an example with Resources and Services showing:

Here's how it can look when showing the Estimated Wait for each guest.

→ Enable this under Waitlist Settings > Advanced > Public Waitlist

2. Improvements to Waitlist Closed page

We've also made improvements to the functionality and display of the Waitlist Closed page that shows when a visitor comes outside of your working hours. 

It should now display this page more accurately and instantly redirect the user if your waitlist opens or closes while the guest is trying to sign up.

Waitwhile now comes in Dutch πŸ‡³πŸ‡±, Czech πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ώ and Swedish πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Waitwhile can finally say "Ahoj" and greet your team in Czech. The entire product interface and customer-facing experiences can now be fully translated to Czech, Dutch and Swedish along with 10+ other languages!

Here's a quick video demo to show you how it works. Plus, we have many more languages coming up in the next weeks and months!

-> To switch language, go to Localization Settings > Languages.

Upgraded web app to new frontend and fixed 30+ bugs

Making Waitwhile's product experience lightning fast and reliable are always at the top of our priority list.

To this end, we've worked hard on some backend changes to improve speed and performance. Changes include:

  • Upgraded to the latest Angular framework (V11) 
  • Deprecated 5+ old web libraries that we no longer need
  • Closed out 30+ minor bugs and glitches
  • Improved load time when switching pages

In the months ahead, we will focus on making things even faster, securer and more reliable with a number of under-the-hood improvements.

Resources can now serve guests at different speeds ⚑

Resource management in Waitwhile is really powerful to manage which staff member or equipment is used to service a guest. 

We've now made it even more powerful by being able to control how fast your resources operate and if some are faster than others. 

For example, maybe you have two barber resources - Joe and Sam. Joe works his blade super fast and completes customers in half the time it takes Sam, who is more diligent and thorough. By default, Waitwhile will assume that each barber works equally quickly which may negatively impact your wait time estimations.

With today's update, you can now control how fast each resource works versus the standard service duration. You can control this under the Edit Resource dialog with a handy slider that you can drag and drop for the optimal speed modifier!

Saved Replies are now sorted better πŸ’¬

"Saved Replies" are super handy when you want to quickly respond to your guests' most common questions. You can create a saved reply from the Chat dialog and insert it into a dialog with just a click.

We've now made it easier to organize these and sort them in a way that works best for you. You can move your most common Saved Replies to the top of the list and less common to the bottom. 

→ Learn more about Saved Replies in our help article

Introducing the new Check-in Settings page ✨

We've now moved all settings for how guests join your waitlist or schedule bookings into one simple place: Self Check-in Settings.

Here you can control how you'd like to allow your guests to join your waitlist or make bookings including:

  • via web link
  • by sending a text message
  • by scanning a QR code
  • via Google Maps
  • via our new search feature on

You can also customize the check-in experience with fine-grained controls:

Check in via SMS 💬

Among the new features we support is to allow guests to register by sending a text message (only for North America and paid plans). You can control what keywords should trigger the SMS check-in action and if a guest should be auto-added to your waitlist or first provide more information.

Check in via QR code 📱

We now let you download a QR code for your links that you can print on signage and collateral that you can share with customers.

Check in via Google or search 🔍

You can now control if your waitlist or booking page can be found on Google Maps, via our new business search on or organically in search results online.


We hope this update makes it easier than before to manage how your guests can join your waitlist and schedule bookings!

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