Improvements to the Public Pages

This week, we've made some much requested improvements to the Public Waitlist and Public Waitlist Check-in pages.

1. Public Waitlist can now show more guest information

You can now choose to show the assigned Services and Resources for each guest on your Public Waitlist. Plus, the estimated wait time for each guest in the line.

Here's an example with Resources and Services showing:

Here's how it can look when showing the Estimated Wait for each guest.

→ Enable this under Waitlist Settings > Advanced > Public Waitlist

2. Improvements to Waitlist Closed page

We've also made improvements to the functionality and display of the Waitlist Closed page that shows when a visitor comes outside of your working hours. 

It should now display this page more accurately and instantly redirect the user if your waitlist opens or closes while the guest is trying to sign up.