Improvements to Customer Options fields

The ability to add your own input fields for your customers to fill in when they join your waitlist and schedule a booking adds a lot of flexibility to Waitwhile.

We've now made it even more flexible by adding some new rule options to your custom fields.

1. Set a minimum and maximum value requirement

You can now specify minimum and maximum value/requirement for your custom fields. 

Example: You would like to set a min/max value for age groups at a youth sports signup event. Your guests will receive an error and be prompted to enter proper value if not entered correctly. 

2. Show a field only for specific Services

If you want to collect extra information if guests pick a certain service, you're now in luck. You can now set this for the custom field so that it will only show up for the specified services (by default it will show for all services).

Example: You only want to ask for the Age Group if the guest selects the Youth Football Tournament service but not if they pick the All Ages Practice service.

3. Custom fields now show in the customer's visit history

You can now see any custom fields under the Visits tab for a customer for their previous visits. This is great if you want to quickly see information about the customer and learn about their previous interactions with your business.