Introducing the new Check-in Settings page ✨

We've now moved all settings for how guests join your waitlist or schedule bookings into one simple place: Self Check-in Settings.

Here you can control how you'd like to allow your guests to join your waitlist or make bookings including:

  • via web link
  • by sending a text message
  • by scanning a QR code
  • via Google Maps
  • via our new search feature on

You can also customize the check-in experience with fine-grained controls:

Check in via SMS 💬

Among the new features we support is to allow guests to register by sending a text message (only for North America and paid plans). You can control what keywords should trigger the SMS check-in action and if a guest should be auto-added to your waitlist or first provide more information.

Check in via QR code 📱

We now let you download a QR code for your links that you can print on signage and collateral that you can share with customers.

Check in via Google or search 🔍

You can now control if your waitlist or booking page can be found on Google Maps, via our new business search on or organically in search results online.


We hope this update makes it easier than before to manage how your guests can join your waitlist and schedule bookings!