New Enhanced Flexible Calendar 📆

We have launched our enhanced, flexible booking calendar to improve your booking experience! Let's explore the benefits! 

Customize the booking calendar to suit your business needs.

Get started by heading over to Settings > Bookings > Calendar Display and toggle on the Enhanced Calendar. 

Features include:

  • View service, resource, and remaining spots on the actual booking
  • Customize by resource or service color
  • Blocked time slots are easily viewed with a light blue background
  • Canceled bookings are marked with a strikethrough 

  • New view for overlapping bookings. Simply hover over the overlapping booking to bring to the forefront. 

  • Bookings are more powerful and flexible 


You would like a 45 minute time slot to start on the hour every hour. This can be configured by setting up your min/max booking times then setting up your booking hours in the business info settings. 

There are so many possibilities with our new Enhanced Calendar. Please feel free to let our Support Team know of any questions that you may have. 

--> Give it a go in Calendar Display Settings