Customize the language settings for your Waitwhile workspace

Users can now change the language settings for their workspace to make working with Waitwhile more intuitive. 

Users with a personal login can make this change via their account settings. This will not impact the language settings for the customer facing parts of the app.

The language used on the public facing pages of your Waitwhile account can be adjusted via location settings.

->Go ahead and try it out now!

New daily calendar view for available resources

This custom calendar view will give you a quick overview of which team members are available on a particular day and how their availability looks.

By selecting the daily view of the calendar and then clicking on Available resources in the resources drop down menu, you'll be able to view any resources that are available on that day, based on their set work hours in the resources tab.

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Easily verify age as part of booking and waitlist flow

Wether you have age requirements for bookings, or need to verify when something was purchased for a returns desk, this update is going to simplify things for you and your customers!

In addition to using static dates for verification we've now added the ability to set a relative value that adjusts the range of dates that are required based on the present date. 

For example you could verify age by specifying that the date entered needs to be 18 years from today. You could also verify whether a product is eligible for return through the same mechanism.

You'll be able to add these settings under the customer information tab by adding a new field.

->Try including this parameter to your sign up flow

A more user friendly way to add dates for bookings or waitlists 📆

We're always on a mission to make the experience of using the app as familiar and convenient for you and your customers as we can, and this update is a case in point.

Whether you're using a custom date field to record date of birth, or verify the model of a car, you'll notice the following improvements:

  • The date format is now adjusted to reflect the standard practice in your region (based on which language you've set).
  • The date can be typed in, in addition to selecting it from the dropdown which is great for mobile.
  • When typing the date you can start with the month, rather than the year if that is the typical practice in your region.

Send a sign-up link for exclusive service offerings 🔑

Offer your clients exclusive access to products or services by creating a custom link for waitlists and bookings.

A while back we announced that you could modify the sign up links your customers access so that certain information was pre-filled. The latest update to that feature allows you to create links to sign up for exclusive services that aren't otherwise available via your public waitlist or booking page. 

To make use of this, simply set up a private service and add the service ID as a query parameter to your waitlist or booking URLs.

-> To get started using this great feature, check out this helpful guide.

Display a custom date range on your booking page ✏️

Minimize confusion and make booking easy for your guests by displaying only the relevant dates on your public booking page.

This update is great for businesses that don't operate on a recurring or planned schedule or run events or offers for a limited set of dates.

To enable this go to the business info tab under settings and set your standard hours to closed. Then, in the Bookings tab under opening hours, click on Calendar and set the specific dates to open.

->Go ahead and give it a try in

Easier for your team members to join your account when you send an invite 📨

We’ve streamlined the sign up process so your new team members can get onboard and using Waitwhile in no time! 

After accepting the email invite, these updates will make joining your Waitwhile account quick and convenient.

  • Ability to join with Google and Single Sign-on (previously, only email + password)
  • Ability to view password
  • Clearer Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
  • Better design all around

-> Any team members still not on your account - invite them now!

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