New API docs and Developer Resources Hub πŸ€–

To help developers build and integrate their existing solutions with the powerful Waitwhile API, we’ve launched a new developer hub at

You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with the Waitwhile API as quickly as possible - plus support and a growing community of devs you can ask if you get stuck.

One of our favourite features of the developers hub is the Try it button. This lets you test out the result of applying something to your setup using your API key before applying it to your own system.

-> Check out the Developer Resources Hub here 

Track staff performance with User Reports πŸ“Š

With this new User Analytics report you’ll be able to see how your team members are performing in Waitwhile, to make the most out of your team. Schedule your top performers at the busiest times or support those that have room for improvement.

You'll find the report under Analytics, it looks like this: 

To get the most out of your user reports make sure you invite your team members to join the account so you can add them as users. 

Check out the new User Analytics report

What's New item added to the User Menu πŸ†•

What's New you say? Stay updated with the What's New item that can be found in the User Menu. 

Here at Waitwhile, we take our customers' requests seriously.  We consistently add new product updates and now they are easier for you to find within your Waitwhile account. 

Give it a try by clicking on your User Menu (usually your picture or business logo) > Click 'What's New' > you will then be directed to our Waitwhile Product Update page. 

This feature is interactive and a red dot will show when new product updates have been added. 

--> Check it out in the User Menu 

View App information on our New Waitwhile About Page ℹ️

We have released a new About Page where you can view pertinent information about your Waitwhile account. 

Give it a go by clicking on your account settings then choosing the About option.

Now you can view information such as: 

  • The Waitwhile version you are using
  • Account, location, and user identifiers
  • Clear your cache if you seem to have an old version cached in your browser! 💯 

This information is also super helpful for our support team should you run into an issue within your account. Simply screenshot this information with a brief explanation and send it over to our live support. Our team will be able to investigate your issue quickly!

--> Go to the new About page

Allow only known customers to register πŸ‘₯

Holding a special event and want to allow existing customers only? You are in luck...we just added this requested feature! 📣 

This feature will allow you to choose who you would like to join your waitlist or schedule an appointment at your business. Only customers that are available under your Customers page will be allowed. 

It's super easy! To restrict unknown customers on the waitlist head over to Settings > Waitlist > Waitlist rules and toggle on "only allow known customer to join ".

--> Merely toggle this on for bookings as well under Settings > Bookings > Booking rules

Adding a new location for this event - simply import your allowed customers into the Customers Page and toggle on this new feature!

Waitwhile product interface improvements πŸ”₯

 Waitwhile is getting a makeover! 

Over the next few months, we will be updating the Waitwhile interface to make for a more simple, sleek feel.

As you may have noticed, we have released the first of the changes! 

New icons and a more clear, readable font

New location overview menu

Simply click the top left icon and the new location overview menu will populate to easily edit, copy, deactivate, delete or add new locations. 

Mobile Quick Menu

Quickly toggle between Waitlist, Booking, and Serving pages with our new quick menu at the bottom of any mobile device. 

Be on the lookout for the next set of changes coming soon! 👀 

Scan Guest QR Codes to Expedite the Serving Process ⚑

Managing your waitlist/bookings just got a whole lot easier! 

You can now expedite the serving process by scanning a guest's unique QR code that they will receive whenever they are added to your waitlist or create a booking. 

This will make it easy for busy locations to find a specific guest, confirm their information and serve them quickly. No more scrolling or searching by name!

How it works:  

Ask your customer to have their QR code ready upon arrival. The QR code can be found on their individual guest status page or booking confirmation page, which can be accessed via the URL that is sent in the waitlist or booking confirmation text.

Once the QR code has been presented to you, simply scan it and Voila! Within the Waitwhile platform it will automatically pull up the guest's details so that you can confirm their information and serve them in a flash! 

You can now deactivate Locations without deleting them

Waitwhile lets you create as many Locations as you'd like in your account. Each location has it's own unique waitlist and booking appointments calendar - and can be customized separately from your other locations.

As of today, you can now Deactivate any location you no longer need. This is great when you have locations you no longer use, but prefer to not remove altogether. For example, you might want use the location again in the future or keep its historical customer data and analytics (which is purged when the location is deleted).

To deactivate a location, go to your Dashboard and click the drop-down next to the location and select "Deactivate". Any deactivated location is moved to the bottom and can no longer be selected by any of user on your account.

Here's some other things that happen when a location is deactivated:

  • Guests can no longer sign up to its waitlist or make a booking on it
  • Location will no longer be included in your billing plan
  • Users on your account can no longer view the location or change settings for it, until it's been re-activated again

You can re-activate a deactivated location anytime from your Dashboard by clicking the dropdown next to it and selecting "Activate":

We hope this feature helps you keep your account tidy and allows you to keep locations you're not currently using, but may want to use again in the future!


PS. We also you let deactivate/activate your Resources and Services!

Waitwhile now comes in Dutch πŸ‡³πŸ‡±, Czech πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ώ and Swedish πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Waitwhile can finally say "Ahoj" and greet your team in Czech. The entire product interface and customer-facing experiences can now be fully translated to Czech, Dutch and Swedish along with 10+ other languages!

Here's a quick video demo to show you how it works. Plus, we have many more languages coming up in the next weeks and months!

-> To switch language, go to Localization Settings > Languages.

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