Colour-coded service tags for your visit lists 🌈

Quickly scan upcoming visits to see which services visitors are signed up for!

If you've added a colour for each service your business offers, you will now see these colours showing up in the service column in any of your visit lists under Waitlist, Serving page, Resource view and Booking list view.

The colour tags mean you won't need to read through each service, making it easier for you to get an overview of what's coming up with a quick glance.

You'll also spot these colour tags in the (awesome) enhanced booking calendar that we rolled-out last week.

So, if you haven't yet...

-> Set up colour tags for your services now 

Easier for customers to view & manage their place in line 🀳

We've made it even easier for your customers to see and manage their waitlist status from your public status page. 

With these updates it will be easy for your customers to keep you up to date without having to contact you directly, and you'll receive notifications about any changes based on the notification preferences you set up for your account, here.

Below are the new elements you can choose to show or hide on your public status page:

  • View waitlist
  • I have arrived
  • I’m running late

-> Try it out under the Customer Status Page settings, here

New API docs and Developer Resources Hub πŸ€–

To help developers build and integrate their existing solutions with the powerful Waitwhile API, we’ve launched a new developer hub at

You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with the Waitwhile API as quickly as possible - plus support and a growing community of devs you can ask if you get stuck.

One of our favourite features of the developers hub is the Try it button. This lets you test out the result of applying something to your setup using your API key before applying it to your own system.

-> Check out the Developer Resources Hub here 

Customer Registration: Only show locations where the selected service is availableπŸ“

If you have multiple locations, each with different services, this update makes setting up an appointment or getting in line so much simpler for your customers! 

From your Public Locations Page your customers can start by selecting the service they need and then select from a list of your locations that offer this service. No need for them to leave the page to find out where to go, or accidentally sign up at the wrong location.

To activate this new option go to Settings>Styling, expand the Public Account Signup Page set up and switch on the toggle for the option.

-> Go ahead and try it out now

More detailed analytics for greater business insight πŸ’‘

Get more insight into your customers' experience and staff performance with these updates in Analytics.

Improved summary metrics  will allow you to get a sense of how things are going with a quick glance and place those important metrics right at your fingertips.

-> See how things are going with these summary metrics

Total transaction time is the amount of time your customers spend waiting and being served. Getting a more in-depth understanding of the customer experience will help you understand the drivers of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your service. 

-> Check out Wait time insights here

Updates at a glance with the tweaked Waitlist mobile UI βœ…

The latest improvements to the mobile Waitlist mean that you get a full overview of what's coming up without having to click, scroll or expand an entry. 

The new Waitlist interface includes:

  • a counter for the number of parties on your list and the total number of customers
  • a simplified indicator to show the estimated wait time

These kinds of changes are intended to make each interaction you have with Waitwhile as efficient and beneficial as possible. For example, by changing something as simple as the wait time indicator to a single number rather than a range, the reader is able to take in the information with minimal effort.

Check out the improved Waitlist on mobile now

Include future dates when exporting customer data πŸ—“

Support your business forecasts and planning with forward-looking customer data from your Waitwhile account.

When exporting customer data you can now select a date range that includes future dates. This means that you'll be able to export data about upcoming bookings for each customer.  

Access the data export settings under Customers.

Exporting customer data is available on the Business or Enterprise plan. If you'd like to export your customer data (and get many other benefits) you can find out more and upgrade here.

->Try exporting customer data now

Track staff performance with User Reports πŸ“Š

With this new User Analytics report you’ll be able to see how your team members are performing in Waitwhile, to make the most out of your team. Schedule your top performers at the busiest times or support those that have room for improvement.

You'll find the report under Analytics, it looks like this: 

To get the most out of your user reports make sure you invite your team members to join the account so you can add them as users. 

Check out the new User Analytics report

Never miss a beat with User Notifications πŸ””

Getting Waitwhile notifications is a great way to stay on-top of changes and updates in your waitlist and appointments. You’ll get a text, email or web push notification each time a customer signs up, cancels or has arrived.

  • Email and Web notifications are now available on the Free and Starter Plan! 🎉
  • SMS notifications are available on the Business and Enterprise Plans.

Under Notification Settings you can choose which updates trigger a notification and how you would like to be notified!

Turn on notifications under Notification Settings

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