What's New item added to the User Menu 🆕

What's New you say? Stay updated with the What's New item that can be found in the User Menu. 

Here at Waitwhile, we take our customers' requests seriously.  We consistently add new product updates and now they are easier for you to find within your Waitwhile account. 

Give it a try by clicking on your User Menu (usually your picture or business logo) > Click 'What's New' > you will then be directed to our Waitwhile Product Update page. 

This feature is interactive and a red dot will show when new product updates have been added. 

--> Check it out in the User Menu 

Unique Booking Link for Resources ⚡

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Your staff now has the option to have their own, unique booking link! 📣 

To find the booking link go to Settings > Resources

Click 3 dot menu next resource > copy booking link

Paste into any browser and boom...guests can view this specific booking calendar. 

These specific resource links can be shared with guests, embedded on your website, or even added to business cards. 

--> Try it out on the Resource Page 

View App information on our New Waitwhile About Page ℹī¸

We have released a new About Page where you can view pertinent information about your Waitwhile account. 

Give it a go by clicking on your account settings then choosing the About option.

Now you can view information such as: 

  • The Waitwhile version you are using
  • Account, location, and user identifiers
  • Clear your cache if you seem to have an old version cached in your browser! 💯 

This information is also super helpful for our support team should you run into an issue within your account. Simply screenshot this information with a brief explanation and send it over to our live support. Our team will be able to investigate your issue quickly!

--> Go to the new About page

Set a Fallback Placeholder in Message Templates 📝

Now add in a fallback placeholder for information that may not be provided by the customer.

Example: Customer does not leave a name and you would like to address the customer as 'valued customer'

You can do this by first setting the placeholder variable followed by the word or and then your fallback text within single quotes. 

This can be done in any SMS or Email message that you send out to your customers. 

--> Learn more about message placeholders 

Allow only known customers to register đŸ‘Ĩ

Holding a special event and want to allow existing customers only? You are in luck...we just added this requested feature! 📣 

This feature will allow you to choose who you would like to join your waitlist or schedule an appointment at your business. Only customers that are available under your Customers page will be allowed. 

It's super easy! To restrict unknown customers on the waitlist head over to Settings > Waitlist > Waitlist rules and toggle on "only allow known customer to join ".

--> Merely toggle this on for bookings as well under Settings > Bookings > Booking rules

Adding a new location for this event - simply import your allowed customers into the Customers Page and toggle on this new feature!

New and Improved Auto Remove Feature đŸ’Ĩ

Managing your waitlist and serving list should be easy as pie with our new Auto Remove feature!

Set these parameters under Settings > Waitlist > Auto Remove

  • Select a time to auto remove your guests from the waitlist and/or serving list.
  • Select a status to mark your guests as cancelled, no-showed, removed or completed.
  • Check/uncheck the option to suppress alerts for the auto-removed guests.

These new features will allow you to precisely track your guests within your customer history. We hope you enjoy the new and improved auto remove features! 😀

--> Check out the Auto Remove Settings

Customer Info now has its own Setting Section 🆕

 We know that customer info data fields are very important aspects to your business. These fields capture pertinent information from your guests to shape your Waitwhile experience.

We have now made it easier for you to add these fields whether it be for the waitlist or bookings. Customer Info can be located under settings > customer info

Don't forget to customize your customer info data fields by clicking 'edit' next to each field.

The possibilities are endless! 🙌 

Quick copy your Resources and Services 📠

 Adding new resources or services to your Waitwhile account? 

Save time setting up multiple new resources or services by creating an exact clone with a swift click of the newly added "copy" button found in the Resource/Services edit menu.

After you've copied, you can customize the copied resource/service with a new name, different color, etc. to make it stand apart!

We hope this helps you speed up your service and resource setup!

Waitwhile product interface improvements đŸ”Ĩ

 Waitwhile is getting a makeover! 

Over the next few months, we will be updating the Waitwhile interface to make for a more simple, sleek feel.

As you may have noticed, we have released the first of the changes! 

New icons and a more clear, readable font

New location overview menu

Simply click the top left icon and the new location overview menu will populate to easily edit, copy, deactivate, delete or add new locations. 

Mobile Quick Menu

Quickly toggle between Waitlist, Booking, and Serving pages with our new quick menu at the bottom of any mobile device. 

Be on the lookout for the next set of changes coming soon! 👀 

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